New Patient

We believe your initial appointment with us is the most important. On your first visit, you will meet our professional, friendly staff.

New Patient

For your convenience, you have the option to download the New Patient Packet below, fill it out on your computer or by hand, print out the forms, and bring them with you to your visit. You can also find information regarding allergy skin testing and a copy of our clinic's Notice of Privacy Practices. We look forward to serving you soon.


Most insurance companies require referrals. Please check your plan by calling your insurance company’s Customer Service division. Patients are responsible for keeping track of their referrals, including when their referral expires. Patients are responsible for contacting their Primary Care Physician for a referral prior to their visit. Many insurance companies send notifications to the patient confirming the dates of coverage and the number of visits allowed. Patients can call our office to see how many visits remain or if their referral is nearing the expiration date.

Communication and Education

We believe your initial appointment with us is the most important. On your first visit, you will meet our professional, friendly staff who will check you in and take your vital signs. You will then meet the physician who will perform a thorough medical history and physical exam. Depending on your specific needs, skin testing for allergies or spirometry for breathing disorders may be performed for an accurate diagnosis. You and the physician will then discuss specific recommendations and treatment strategies to help you feel better, breathe easier, and improve your health.

In our office, communication and education are central to our goal in providing high-quality care. We believe listening to the needs of our patients is the most important aspect of the medical history. We want to know what is causing you discomfort so we can discuss an individualized treatment plan to make you feel better. We also feel it is important for individuals and families to take an active part in their health. We strongly believe achieving optimal treatment plans is a team effort among physicians, patients, and families. After a treatment plan is achieved, the highly-trained staff will spend time explaining your specific condition and provide essential resources to help you reach your goal.

Information About Testing

Allergy Testing

Spirometry Testing

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Please use the above section for general feedback. If you need assistance with appointments, prescriptions or have other questions, please call our office or use the patient portal.

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